Voice Over Artist: Sheree Sano
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Video Demo Reels for
Musicians,  Dancers,
Speakers... .JPG Photo
Files (Stills) "grabbbed"
from video... and much,
much more...
Multiple Voice Over Clients

All Digital Taping and Editing
- CD/DVD Burning -

Live Performance Taping
Actor/Performer Video Demos
Voice Over Demos
Studio Recording - Great Mic.s, Piano
Theatrical Sound Design (Sound FX)
Grab Photos from Video, Burn on CD or DVD
Convert Slides to Digital (CD or DVD)
Prepare Media for Websites  
Digitize / Archive any media...

You Create - We Facilitate

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Central Manhattan Location
From Slides to .JPG...
These are examples of slides that have been digitized for use in all manner of digital applications
(graphic design, email, website development, Powerpoint presentations...).
ANY image, including frames from moving video, can be digitized for use in digital applications.
Note: All of the photos shown above were taken ("grabbed") from moving video.
Before and After Processing :
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ALL DIGITAL Video-Audio-Web Services
Late-Nite Traffic w/ Ike Jackson
(Hip-Hop TV Spot)
Just For Fun ...
Emiko Koizumi
"Remote Auditions"
The producers of  "The Grudge 3"
(on set in Europe)
contacted Emiko Koizumi
(in NYC)
to audition remotely for the role of  "Naoki".  

Click to check out the 4 scenes we
shot, edited and emailed
to the producers on set  in Europe.
Professional Speakers :
Joanne Dennison & Lee E. Miller
"Recruitment Blues"
Beyond Fate - Teenagers worldwide fight
to improve their lives and their communities.
"Hebrew School Drop-Out"
Dave Konig
Simple, Fast, Flawless
Tatum & Rios at Don't Tell Mama
Kevin Ray & Friends
at the Beechman Theater
Live Videotaping:
Voice Overs...
Documentary Promo ("Sizzle Reel")
Actor Video Demos:
"Diamond Lil"
(Sizzle Reel)