"If I Let Myself Go"
(from the single by
Dionne Warwick & Chuck Jackson)
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What Stevie Wonder,
Smokey Robinson and Michael MacDonald
have to say about
If I Let Myself Go:
Sheree Sano: Songwriter/Recording Artist
"All Of My Life"
("Toda Mi Vida")
Words & Music
Gomez & Sano
Nydia Munoz
at the
Apollo Theater
Sheree's Songs:
Latin Song Contest Finalist:
"La Isla Del Amor"
-- Video --
3 Songs by
Sheree Sano
Tk 1 - Paradise
Tk 2 - That's Just How I Feel About You
Tk 5 - My Heart Tells Me (It's You)
4 Versions of
"If I Let Myself Go"
(English, Spanish & 2 instrumentals